Tuesday, June 26, 2018

identifying rocks

Identifying rocks

1. What are difference between metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks?
Igneous: This type of rock happen when magma or lava cools down.
Sedimentary: This type of rock usually formed under water when grains of broken rocks are glued together.
Metamorphic: This type of rock have been Igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks before but changed by temperature and pressure.

2. What rock did you find the most interesting? why?
In my opinion is metamorphic rocks because it have different colors of each layers that make this type of rocks look so cool.

3. what are grains in the rocks? can you show me?

Grains is the texture ( look and feel )  of the rock that made by the particles.

4. What are the crystals in the rocks? can you show me?
Crystals in the rocks is interlocking crystals which are held together strongly and make the rock hard.


Thursday, June 7, 2018

Volume and density

Volume and Density

This is result from everything that we do about rocks.

We can find density by mass divided by volume.

Find a volume from each rocks
rock 1
volume: 3ml.
rock 2
volume: 1ml.
rock 3
volume: 2.5ml.
rock 4
volume: 4ml.
rock 5
volume: 1.5ml.
rock 6
volume: 6ml.
rock 7
volume: 3ml.
rock 8
volume: 2.75ml.
rock 9
volume: 3ml.
rock 10 
volume: 3ml.
rock 11
volume: 5ml.
rock 12
volume: 4.25ml.

Mass of rocks

Mass of rocks
Picture of materials that we use for this experiment.

rock 1
mass: 1.36g.
rock 2
mass: 4.43g.

rock 3
mass: 7.10g.
rock 4
mass: 5.20g.
rock 5
rock 6
mass: 6.22g.
rock 7
mass: 3.22g.
rock 8
mass: 6.45g.
rock 9
mass: 1.64g.
rock 10
mass: 4.59g.

rock 11
mass: 6.00g.

rock 12

Sunday, May 27, 2018

lab equipment

Lab Equipment

watch glass

To hold a solid while during weighed or to cover a beaker.

evaporating dish

For evaporating liquid mixtures.


Makes pouring easier.

stirring rod

Used to mix chemicals and liquids for laboratory purposes.


For holding and pouring liquids.


Used to clamp onto a ring stand to sit a beaker of flask.
heat shield

Used to protect beaker or flask from heat.


It uses to study microbiology.

specimen cup

A container used for sputum samples.


For moving solid chemicals.


Used to move small amount of liquid chemicals.

test tube

For holding, mixing and heating small amounts of liquids and solids.

measuring cylinder

Used to measure the volume of a liquid in milliners.

conical flask

for holding, mixing and heating liquids.